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And welcome, Namaste ~ salutations to Beloved in you, dear reader!

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Sw. Vandana Jyothi

The word “guru” is often misused here in the West to denote simply a teacher or master of a certain thing, such as a “kitchen guru” who is a whiz at designing state of the art kitchens or maybe a great chef. But Guru is the one who relieves us of our spiritual ignorance, the very veil itself which hides our true identity from ourselves and one another. The Light of Divine Knowledge, Guru, alone has that power. The illumined masters and prophets of the world’s religions since time immemorial speak of that Divine Knowledge coming in the form of Light. It is That Light which the Guru reveals when appropriate and according to the capacity of the individual to receive it. When That Light reflects in a stilled mind and reveals OneGod, it is what you call the “enlightenment.”

To the one who gifts you with the knowledge of your soul and its goal, who introduces you to the delights of devotional praise and surrender to OneGod, who by example shows the way of dedicated service and sacrifice, to that one, what can you give? Truly speaking, the enormous blessings bestowed by the munificence and grace of the great Guru can never ever be repaid. Everyone who’s ever been blessed by those gifts knows that. Even the gurus know it. They, too, were once ignorant and owe an unpayable debt to their gurus. All that truly can be offered is the sacrifice of our remaining breaths to mirror without distortion the sublime love and knowledge which Guru perfectly reflected to us.

That is the reason for this blog. It is created for the sole purpose of answering spiritual questions (and their offspring) submitted by sincere seekers of Truth ~ seekers who are content to ponder the answers as I learned them in the awesome presence and at the feet of my revered Guruji, Sadguru Sant Keshavadas [1934-1997]. However, to be absolutely clear and upfront with everybody, this blog is not intended as a forum to debate those answers.

I so look forward to sharing with any and all of my spiritual brothers and sisters the sublime road map, the wisdom keys to Self-realization that this mighty guru left behind.

Tatastu, Amen, so be it.

Sw. Vandana Jyothi