Do you see all religions as leading to the same place? Why should someone choose one over the other, and which one should they choose if they don’t already have a spiritual path?

Namaste, thank you for asking this meaningful question
First, we have to be sure we’re all using the same meaning of words to define things. We are forced to use mind and intellect to discuss Truth, which transcends both.

The word ‘religion’ comes from the Latin ‘religiere,’ i.e, to reunite [with God or Self]. So any path or teaching which accomplishes that goal can be called a religion, perhaps. The word ‘religion’ used in the ordinary sense means that body of teaching which advanced or illumined Truth in such a new way that its main proponent, or its Prophet, had a ‘religion’ named after him. But the Prophets never say, “It’s my Truth.” His followers say he said that. The Prophets know better. Truth existed before them, It exists now, It will exist. Truth is eternal. It is when they, that body, mind, heart and soul, are possessed by God, by Truth Itself—in complete unity consciousness—that they utter those phrases like, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” That is God speaking and He’s telling it exactly how it is.

So Beloved God sends Himself here, usually with a fantastical story (Lord of the Divine Drama that He is!), all bundled up in a miracle-wreaking costume and a path is born. If you’ll study the evolution of the “religions,” the Prophet usually arrives in the nick of time to deal with fanaticism in a religion that he’s not eventually known for. Jesus was born a Jew and Christianity is the result of his fixes. Buddha was a Hindu and Buddhism is the result of getting an entire region back to a ‘middle way.’ God is great. He’s flexible, He’s watching out, He works His plan.

But God is so very, very intimate, as well. So today, He multi-tasks like He invented it. Closer than the closest, nearer than the nearest. God dwells with us on our inside, in the immediate proximity of soul itself. Soul and God live in hrit padma, the lotus of the sacred heart.

From there, from within, God has already prompted each seeker with clues and hints as to the path to Self-realization which is already laid out for him to explore in this lifetime. God chooses these things so relax, inquire within (not the reverse of that) and get in determined accord with the answer. The core values of any ‘world religion,’ nay! If you really get the unity message, the core values of ALL the world’s religions, rightly practiced will achieve yoga, the purpose of religion, i.e, reunion of Self with Self.

OM and Prem,
Sw. Vandana