Can you produce your God? Let me see him and touch him. Prove he exists—then I might believe. Religions are just man-made for people who can’t abide not having answers to all their questions.

The gathering of proof for most of the knowledge you are talking about [knowledge of changing phenomena perceivable to the senses] is done by people who then write or speak of it. The recipients, based on whether they ‘trust’ the giver or his credentials or his methods, then agree that it’s ‘knowledge.’ They do not gather the proof themselves. But what fool will trust his spiritual knowledge to that kind of second-hand proof? Proof for spiritual knowledge of the Changeless Eternal Truth has to be granted by and to oneself. Even though a teacher of spirituality might write a thousand “cookbooks” on how to experience the knowledge s/he has, until someone actually cooks a recipe and EATS the product of his efforts, so long he will feel hungry, that is, he will not have the experience—the proof.

This knowledge is not acquired with the usual knowledge-gathering tools, i.e., mind, intellect, sense perception, ego, etc. But no matter how many times we write or say that simple statement, people respond that if the knowledge can’t be acquired with those tools, it must not exist. So we repeat ourselves. Guruji used to say, “We strike the flint over and over until a spark ignites the Fire of Knowledge,” and I’ve come up with my own analogy, i.e., “The sculptor achieves his result after 20 blows, but it couldn’t have been accomplished without the first 19.”

You’re right, religions are about people. They were/are created for people who seek (or who already have an inkling that there is, there must be) something more meaningful to existence than just eating, sleeping, mating, acquiring, divesting, and dying. Something besides the excruciating boredom (or nauseating roller coaster ride) of enjoying a drop of happiness followed by an ocean of misery followed by happiness followed by misery followed by happiness ad infinitum. And since the truth is the same for everybody, it’s why religions are so similar at their core.

Even if there were no religions, however, God as Truth, as Love, as Awareness, as Bliss existed, exists and will continue to exist. Until and unless one experiences any aspect of that, one simply will not know. It continues to amaze me how in this one area (God-experience) people who simply have not had a taste will opine most eloquently and sometimes heatedly that it doesn’t exist to taste. Amazing! In other realms of experience, this doesn’t happen as much. The same person will say, when asked about whether he knows x about y, “No, I haven’t ever done that or seen it. I don’t know anything about it.” And neither the asker nor the answerer gets excited about it.

But trying to “explain God” is like trying to explain the sun to a man who has so much dust in his eyes that he’s essentially blind. Or he’s lived in a dark cave all his life. You simply can’t convince him that the sun is. But when a physician removes the dust and leads that person into the presence of the sun, or someone takes the caveman’s hand and leads him out where he feels the warmth, sees the light, no more explanation is needed. He sees for himself.